Te ontdekken op 'Everything UK'

"Lives are lost and lost and lost but you're too busy saving your pals / You can see your boss, but you can't see your mother or your brother / Money takes priority."

Te ontdekken op 'Everything UK'

The Lounge Society kondigde vandaag de debuutplaat aan met eerste single Blood Money en laat in één moeite door ook weten dat ze op 20 mei ‘Tired Of Liberty’ voorstellen in de Charlatan tijdens het ‘Everything UK’ Festival dat vandaag (10 mei 2022) start en loopt tot 21 mei.

De band plaveide de weg naar de roem met singles als Generation Game en Burn The Heater en de ep ‘Silk For The Starvin’. Het label Speedy Wunderground maakt de naam waar doordat de debuutsingle hun snelst verkopende 7” ooit was en investeerde voor de tweede plaat in producer Dan Carey (Fontaines D.C., Kae Tempest, Wet Leg,…). Dat dit loonde, bewijst Blood Money, een track die even opruiend als dringend klinkt en dat is geen toeval. Zo zegt de band zelf over het nummer: "Blood Money is a reaction to the culture of greed that's seeping into the corridors of power across the world. It's a reminder that ultimately, we all suffer at the hands of self-serving elites, and it's our personal perspective on the effects of dirty politics on the everyday lives of ourselves and people we know".

"For us it's a song that completely captures this record and us as a band. It feels like the perfect development from our previous releases to our debut album and exactly how this record should be introduced. The balance of driving guitar riffs and the groove of the drums and bass is sort of a snapshot of the album. We'd never claim to be a purely dance based band and we'd never claim to be a purely guitar riff-based band because it's the combination of the two which excites us. On Blood Money it felt like in the studio we took our sound to a different level. We approached the album recording in a totally fresh way to how we have recorded in the past and we got exactly what we wanted. We had good friends & Speedy label mates of ours Anouska (Honeyglaze) and Jojo (Heartworms) do some extra vocals in the chorus, and it really elevated it and gave it an almost operatic feel which was amazing to see develop in the studio."

10 mei 2022
Marc Alenus