Rodrigo Y Gabriela coveren Radiohead

Van Weird Fishes werd een "ambitious new cover version" gemaakt, die u hieronder kan beluisteren.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela coveren Radiohead

Het akoestische gitaarduo Rodrigo y Gabriela komt begin volgend jaar met een nieuw album. Weird Fishes is het aperitiefje. Tegelijk is het ideaal om het optreden op Dranouter Festival (5 augustus) mee in te leiden.

Rodrigo legt uit waarom voor deze cover werd gekozen: "When I was young, I never took a close look into Radiohead's music. I was the typical metal head and the typical metal head in the eighties and nineties was pretty much a closed-minded character who rarely took a risk listening to alternative bands. It was not until we met John Leckie, who produced our first album in 2006 and Radiohead's first two albums in the early nineties, that they got my attention".

"They evolved from being an alt band to a successful band, to being a cool band, to being a really interesting band. Until last year while having a coffee in a Mexican restaurant, Weird Fishes started playing in the background. I knew it was them, but I didn't know the song, and after I left I immediately looked it up on Spotify. As soon as I listened to it loud and clear, I knew we had to make a Rodrigo y Gabriela version of it. A day or two after, I showed it to Gab and she was as hooked as I was. It's such an intricate song if you want to play it the way they do. We were happy with our results too though".

2 augustus 2022
Patrick Van Gestel