Nieuw werk voor Sleaford Mods

Op vrijdag 22 februari brengt Sleaford Mods ‘Eton Alive’ uit, hun vijfde langspeler, uit.

“‘Eton Alive’ speaks for itself really. Here we are once again in the middle of another elitist plan being digested slowly as we wait to be turned into faeces once more. Some already are, some are dead and the rest of us erode in the belly of prehistoric ideology which depending on our abilities and willingness, assigns to each of us varying levels of comfort that range from horrible to reasonably acceptable, based on contribution.” aldus de band zelf.

Het album zal de eerste release zijn van Jason Williamson en Andrew Fearns nieuw gevormde label 'Extreme Eatin'.

De tracklist vind je hieronder:

Into The Payzone

Kebab Spider

Policy Cream


When You Come Up To Me

Top It Up




Big Burt


Negative Script

3 december 2018
Kevin Vergauwen