Merkwaardige covers van Zombi

En daarvoor riepen ze de hulp van vrienden als Pinkish Black, The Sword, Trans Am en Zao in.

Het resultaat kreeg de titel 'Zombi & Friends, Vol. 1'. Zombi neemt daarop songs van onder meer The Doobie Brothers, The Alan Parsons Project, Dionne Warwick en Neil Diamond onder handen. Op zijn zachtst gezegd opvallende keuzes. 

Steve Moore van Zombi legt uit: "Last year we invited some of our close friends to take part in a series of soft and smooth cover songs we loved from our childhood. Over the course of the year we recorded 25 songs, from roughly the mid 70's through the mid 80's, and released a new one almost every Friday. It was a chance to stay busy and connected during the pandemic. Admittedly it started as a bit of a joke with our Barbra Streisand cover, which was originally going to be a one-off, but the reaction was so strong we decided to plan out a whole series."

Het resultaat ligt op 17 juni in de winkels, maar hieronder kan je het ook al beluisteren. 

14 mei 2022
Patrick Van Gestel