Eleanor Friedberger is terug

Eleanor Friedberger is terug

Op 4 mei verschijnt de nieuwe plaat van singer-songwriter Eleanor Friedberger via Frenchkiss.

‘Rebound’ is de opvolger van ‘New View’ uit 2016, werd geproducet door Clemens Kieper en geïnspireerd door haar verblijf in Griekenland: “While friends back home were suddenly becoming politically activated for the first time, it was exciting to be living in a city where protest marches occur on a weekly, or sometimes daily basis”. Friedberger is zelf trouwens half-Grieks.

In het persbericht zegt ze ook nog: “Rebound proved to be a revelation in terms of finding the sound and energy for my fourth album. The club was very dark and despite the no smoking signs, like everywhere in Athens, it was very smoky. The ‘chicken dance’ [my friend] Stella mentioned was a solitary one. I copied the slouchy strut, moving back and forth in line, swinging my arms in time to the music that at first sounded like Joy Division or maybe the Cure, but never revealed itself—one could only assume it to be knock-off by an unknown Baltic band. It was alienating and exhilarating.”

Hieronder kan je een eerste nummer beluisteren.

15 februari 2018
Patrick Van Gestel