Beth Hart in Capitole Gent

En dat met nieuw werk.

Beth Hart in Capitole Gent

Want in maart was er al een eerste nieuwe single en nu lanceert Beth Hart You Still Got Me, dat je hieronder kan beluisteren.

Het nummer werd geproduceerd door Kevin Shirley en opgenomen in Nashville, TN. Over het nummer zegt Hart: "This is a true story. I had a moment where I wasn't in a positive mood, and I was hanging out on the couch, crying pretty hard, and Scott said, 'Hey, do you need a hug?' I said,  I've got nothing inside left to love, and he said, you still got me. I said, hang on a minute; I'll be right back. I went downstairs and used those words and how he said it. You say something like that, and someone who you love so much says back, but you've still got me. It's true. If I've still got him, I've still got everything."

De wereldtournee, die ze onderneemt en die intussen al is gestart, gaat in september verder en passeert op 26 november in het Gentse Capitole.

6 juli 2024
Patrick Van Gestel