Bambara aan vierde album toe

De opvolger van 'Shadow On Everything' verschijnt op 14 februari.

De eerste single uit 'Stray', zoals de nieuwe plaat van Bambara gaat heten, kan je hieronder al beluisteren en geeft meteen een idee van wat je van de plaat mag verwachten.

Over de plaat en de single zei frontman Reid Blateh al: “Stray is a death-obsessed album. Most of the songs are about different characters' futile attempts at living meaningful lives under the weight of imminent annihilation. I wanted Serafina to feel different. I wanted the song to radiate a sort of wild-eyed hope. A youthful disregard for death itself. Serafina and Sadie live exactly how they want to live, exploring their love for one another before a backdrop of flames. The knowledge of their own mortality takes nothing from their enthusiasm for life. If anything, they see it as a challenge they might one day overcome together. When they say, "We'll never die" I want it to feel like they might actually have a shot."

Momenteel tourt Bambara door het VK. Concerten op het vasteland zijn er voorlopig nog niet gepland.

29 oktober 2019
Patrick Van Gestel