Alberta Cross en Band Of Skulls slaan handen in elkaar

Single Crooked House is het resultaat.

Alberta Cross en Band Of Skulls slaan handen in elkaar

De song werd geproducet en geschreven door Petter Ericson Stakee (Alberta Cross), Russell Marsden (Band Of Skulls) en Marc MacNab-Jack, drummer bij beide bands. Het werd opgenomen in de Mizpah Studios (Bath, UK), gemixt door Claudius Mittendorfer (Weezer, Interpol, Temples) in Londen and de mastering was van de hand van John Webber.

"Crooked House is a song that defies expectations and delivers a powerful message", omschrijft Russell de samenwerking. "By meeting Petter and collaborating on this song, I feel we have done both. This is Alberta very Cross, or an alternate universe Band Of Skulls with an ethereal male co-vocalist. Thanks to being introduced by our mutual friend and drummer Marc, something unexpected has emerged. Crooked House is the place I want to smash to pieces, yet I'm proud to survive it." 

Petter voegt daaraan toe: "Such a pleasure to work with these two dudes after bumping into each other on the long road often in many different corners of the world for years. Crooked House just happened in front of us really, and I'm glad it did. Quite a beast of a rawk tune."

17 november 2023
Patrick Van Gestel